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The initial idea, to be honest, it was just to get close to Somerset House doors.  Gingerly, I get into the gorgeous building without accreditation press. Bloody me!

I reach the main hall where people walk around Courtyard Show Space to spot the most extravagant outfit and whether not the most ugly. People are busy but even that, always willing to be featured by the photographers, professional or not (like me). All of them grab my attention.  Regarding my prospect, they have made a great pick for today!

Nevertheless, today the main point is not guest´s style. Such relevant issue will be put off towards next days before the end of the show. Meanwhile, check some of the outfits in Twitter or Facebook!

At the moment, our shoes are on the catwalk. After getting my press accreditation (thanks God) I get into TWO SHOWS!



CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN (Autum/Winter 2012) Newgen, sponsored by Topshop

Inspired by the depths of winter, every garment in “Freeze” characteristically serves both purpose and design

The venue and the press

Evolved over several seasons, Raeburn´s core ranges “British”, “Lightweight”and “Jersey” are now complemented by a range of long-awaited accessories. A newly refined collection marks the marriage of feminine design to the brand´s unique principles.



KINDER AGGUGINI (Autum/Winter 2012)

Exploring the Embankment Gallery, I come across randomly with this magnificent show, which I am really pleased with.

Delicate flower and naïve prints with vibrant colors or sober tones playing around volumes and simple lines. For the night sophisticated golden and black transparencies.  The celebrities twit every detail of the fashion show!

Wacht the video


Although we have not been fortunate to attend more catwalks, I feel reward enough to walk around showrooms, have a chat with some of the fashion brands and be aware of people talent spirit. This morning I didn´t expect to be where I was. Finally, despite the rain, the day was not too bad.


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